Environment and Energy

Together with the Global Environment Facility, UNDP is working for lasting policy and institutional change that supports a green, low-carbon and climate resilient economy and society. We’re also working to catalyze investment in clean energy and the sustainable use of natural resources, managing the environment in a way that improves livelihoods and ultimately leads to sustainable growth.

Countries in Europe and Central Asia face multiple energy, environmental and climate related risks and challenges, including a looming energy shortage. The region is characterized by high energy intensity and inefficiency. Other significant challenges include widespread unsustainable management of chemicals, depletion of freshwater resources, threatened ecosystems and loss of biodiversity, and global warming. UNDP has helped to establish and increase protected areas, reduce greenhouse gases (through energy efficiency and renewable energy), restore degraded land and forest, protect water resources, and prepare communities to respond to climate related risks, such as floods and mudslides.
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    Restoring the health of Lake Prespa
    View of a white boat on lake Prespa

    The beautiful but environmentally vulnerable region of the Prespa Lake Basin is home to more than 2,000 species of fish, birds, mammals and plants. Many of these species are unique and many are in danger of dying out if their habitat is not protected.more

Video stories

Uzbek kids sitting around a table and drawing

The Steppe Tale, Uzbek kids step up for biodiversity conservation

An animated film about one little saiga who got separated from his herd. This film is based on drawings made by Uzbek children from Tashkent and the Jaslyk village on the Ustyurt plateau. more

Two men walking in a green forest

Tusheti Protected Areas: Preserving biodiversity and developing jobs in Georgia

Endemic flora and species make Tusheti one of the richest protected areas in the Caucasus. But hard living conditions force people to leave those beautiful mountains. more

A modern house

Rural Health Clinic turns energy efficient in Uzbekistan

UNDP's Energy Efficiency project has been reconstructing public buildings all around Uzbekistan. See a short review of the whole construction process with the Rural Health Clinic Oktepa. more

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