Koh Miyaoi

Based in: UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre

From: Japan

Studied at: University of East Anglia

Languages: English, Japanese


Short black hair white asian woman


I'm Koh Miyaoi, and I'm leading our work on gender equality in the region.


My main areas of expertise:

  1. 1. Policy review and advocacy for integrating gender perspectives

  2. 2. Project design and implementation for gender equality and women’s empowerment

  3. 3. Organizational capacity development for gender mainstreaming

  4. 4. Training on gender equality for development practitioners

My work

Together with my team, I'm supporting UNDP Country Offices and national and regional partners in Europe and the CIS to address gender inequality in political decision-making, and economic and social development.  I believe in the benefits of addressing gender inequality challenges through multiple perspectives and with a diverse range of partners.


I have over 15 years of experience in designing policies and projects to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment in partnership with a diverse range of partners including governments, intergovernmental organizations, civil society organizations, the private sector and international and bilateral development organizations in Asia and the Pacific, and in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


Some Achievements

  • 2009 Assessed the bottlenecks for women’s meaningful political participation, based on input from parliamentarians, government officials, academic researchers, women’s rights activists and UNDP colleagues on the ground, and turned them into feasible policy measures that are currently being implemented in countries in the region.


  • 2007 Consolidated UNDP’s Community of Gender Practitioners in Asia and the Pacific and instituted a communication network for collective learning.


  • 2002-2004 Together with women’s organizations in South-East Asia and South Asia, I supported women in the region to develop their capacities on the use of information communication technologies (ICTs) for advocacy and empowerment, and supported their platform at intergovernmental conferences on ICT.



For more details, you are welcome to visit my profile on LinkedIn, or to contact me directly:

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+421-2-59337 183