Anna Kaplina

Climate Change Programme Analyst

Based in: UNDP Regional Centre in Istanbul/New York

From: Russian Federation

Studied at: European Postgraduate Course in Environmental ManagementCentral European UniversityMoscow State University

Languages: English, Russian


Red hair white young woman, light-blue dress

I'm Anna Kaplina, and I'm supporting our work on climate resilient development in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).


My main areas of expertise cover capacity building, policy advice and project development related to:


  1. 1.  Climate change adaptation strategies and national adaptation programmes and plans;
  2. 2.  Climate risk management;
  3. 3.  Climate proofing and integrating climate change across sectors.


I have over seven years of experience working in the area of climate change mitigation and adaptation, including project development and implementation and policy advice to governments in the region. 


Before joining UNDP, I worked in environment consulting companies in Russia where I was dealing with environmental issues. 



My work:


I support implementation of two regional programmes in the area of climate risk management: "Capacity Development for Climate Risk Management in Eastern Europe and CIS" and "Central Asian Climate Risk Management."

This includes support to development of National Human Development Reports on climate change; climate proofing of UNDP and governmental programmes and projects; development of climate change adaptation strategies and programmes and projects; and regional, national and local climate risk assessments.



Some achievements:


2011 Initiated pilots on local level climate risk management in the region (in Armenia and Moldova). Helped mobilize 400,000 euros for local level climate risk management in Moldova 


2010 Coordinated the development of the Central Asian Climate Risk Management Programme with a budget of $12 million and helped mobilize $4.2 million for the Programme


Developed guidelines for systematic climate proofing in UNDP


Supported the first attempt to quantify the impacts of climate change on human systems and national development priorities, as part of  Croatia's Human Development Report 


Supported socio-economic impact assessments in Armenia, Moldova and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.



For more details, you are welcome to contact me directly:

+421-2-59337 427