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Pomegranate boom in Upper Egypt

Al Badary is a village in the heart of Assiut governorate in Upper Egypt. The small village made it to the news headlines in the past when the raging fire of vengeance between competing tribes spread wreaking havoc in the area. Recently, the name of the village is circulating in local news, telling more


Provding safe water in Gaza

Rafah, occupied Palestinian territory—Water is scarce in the occupied Palestinian territory and present supplies barely meet the needs of the Palestinian people. Over 13 percent of the population currently does not have access to running water and many of the existing water facilities are dilapidate more


RRP Upper Nile helps 203 farmers expand production

13 January 2008 Khartoum - Deng Kak has worked on the cotton and sunflower commercial farms for as long as he can remember. Though Deng is among the few lucky people to have land adjacent to the River Nile, apart from household use, the waters of the Nile have never benefited him. The USD 1,000 more


Renovated market gives traders a boost

Determined to provide for her family after her husband was killed, mother-of-six Mana Abdulle Abukar started selling fruits and vegetables at the Hoosh Market in Somalia’s Dharkenley District. Despite her best efforts, Mana couldn’t make a decent living because of the market’s terrible conditions. more


Resilient youth in Deir Ezzor are the arm for positive change

After three years of escalating conflict, Syria is still witnessing a deepening economic crisis, loss of livelihoods, and deteriorating coping mechanisms. In addition to poverty and economic disparity, there is a large proportion of youth who are unemployed and increasingly disillusioned. Deir Ezzor more


Somali youth feel hopeful, despite challenges

Ali became an orphan a few years ago when his parents died in explosion.  As the eldest of three children, Ali, 21, set off in search of work and landed a job at a security checkpoint in order to earn enough money to feed himself and his two younger siblings.  While wielding a gun, his dai more


The hidden danger - Hakim’s story

2 April 2012 By Ibrahim Baba-ali, Programme Specialist, Mine Action, UNDP Iraq Hakim Salih Hakim is the head of his household and is the father of three children.  He lives in the Soran district of the Erbil Governorate and previously worked as a guard at a government’s office.  more


Renovation of Al Marj Market provides job opportunities for Syrian refugees & Lebanese citizens

“The renovation made by UNDP to this market encouraged people from all over the villages to visit it which increased our income. We are 15 members in this family and we all live out of this business” – Abed al Rehman Alsayed Issa – 26 year- old Syrian living in Lebanon since 2013. “The changes made more

UNDP response to the famine in Somalia

20 February 2012 In response to the famine, which was declared in July 2011, UNDP allocated  US$ 3 million (including 1 million from Central Emergency Relief Fund - CERF) to rapidly expand its emergency employment generation activities to include affected areas. This included cash-for-work i more


UNDP supported training transforms the life of an ex-militia

Cibaar Hassan Ghedi, an unemployed, ex-militia living in Mogadishu, was not interested in becoming a fisherman. Nevertheless, he decided to attend a training session supported by the UNDP’s Employment Generation for Early Recovery (EGER) Project. During the training, which targeted ex-militia, Int more

Arab Development Challenges Report 2011

This second Development Challenges Report, coming at a time when the region is passing through a critical historical juncture, attempts to go beyond the numbers to uncover processes that have underpinned mutually reinforcing drivers of social, economic and political exclusion.

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