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From IDP to farmer

Ahmed Gacaney returned to his village in the Jowhar district from an IDP camp in Bosasso  when his family informed him of a UNDP cash for work project in the area. Under this project, communities from Maandhere and Burfule villages rehabilitated four canals for a total of 15 kilometers and stamore

From casual labourer to skilled worker

 Ever since Mohamed Khalif*, 24, started on-the-job masonry training, he has been a different man. He is now all smiles and full of hope.   Mohamed developed skills in masonry after being recruited as an unskilled worker in the Gaheyr School rehabilitation project, which is being implememore

From survival to livelihood

Thursday, 09 September 2010 The life of Farhia Mohamed Ali, 27, has been miserable and poverty-stricken ever since she was young. Farhia lives with her three brothers and four sisters in a small house in the Mogadishu. Her parents died in the civil war in 1995.  “I was left alone when I was 1more


Gazan family regains hope

After waiting for three years, Ashraf and his family will finally have a house again. Their story was a sad one to tell but now hope and serious work are changing their reality. Ashraf and his wife Nadia live in the north of Gaza, operation cast lead targeted their house like many others. They hadmore


Green houses contribution allows farmers to pay their children’s tuition fees in akkar

“The unstable economic situation in the country forced me to go into farming. I wasn’t always a farmer but my husband’s retirement pension was not enough to support our family,” says Rima Obeid, a wife and mother of four living in the area of Halba – Akkar. “And now with the new greenhouse provided more


Hargeisa shop owner makes a small loan go a long way

Before taking a $300 loan through UNDP’s microfinance initiative, Canab Abdi Daud struggled to make ends meet. Her small Hargeisa shop rarely turned a profit, and as a result, she could often not afford basic essential items for herself and her family, and also at times found herself unable to affmore


Harvesting wild sage in Medjel Akkar

In one of the highest mountains of Mejdel Akkar in North Lebanon, far away from the noisiness of the hectic city, three women harvest sage from the wild. With other 22 women, these harvesters work in the Mejdel Akkar Cooperation supported by the United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon. “Wmore

Hassan , a gang member turned tailor

 ‘I was one of the armed militiamen operating in Mogadishu for more than a decade and more. I was one of the fighters engaged in ousting the previous military dictatorial regime in Mogadishu. I was loyal to the USC faction who was supported by the civil society. The whole nation precipitated inmore


Helping young Yemenis fight unemployment

Taiz, Yemen — Twenty-five-year-old Tahani walks along a row of trees that she and her work crew planted earlier in the day. “It is good to have work,” she says. “And planting trees makes me feel good. These will be here for many years to come.” But life hasn’t always been so good for Tahani. Hemore


Helping young people realize their potential in Somalia

Like many young men in his village, Mohmed Deer didn’t have many plans for his future. Life in the small Somali town of Eyl didn’t offer many opportunities for the 23 year old - and he wasn’t seeking them out. High unemployment, coupled with lack of positive social and recreational activities lead more

Arab Development Challenges Report 2011

This second Development Challenges Report, coming at a time when the region is passing through a critical historical juncture, attempts to go beyond the numbers to uncover processes that have underpinned mutually reinforcing drivers of social, economic and political exclusion.

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