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Somali farmers win the battle against erosion

Farming communities in Sogsogley and Ashado valleys in Boroma have overcome serious land degradation problems through a UNDP project that provided them with employment opportunities. Under the Employment Generation for Early Recovery (EGER) project, the community members strategically fought the ero more


Strengthening renewable energy and energy efficiency market in Lebanon

The UNDP-CEDRO project is a unique initiative in Lebanon that is moving and strengthening the renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) market in Lebanon by installing small-scale renewable energy systems and promoting energy efficiency measures in various public institutions in Lebanon. Spr more


The prospect of a greener Kuwait

Along with UNDP Kuwait, there are several agencies in the field trying to keep the public’s attention on this issue. For example, a number of agencies teamed up to commemorate World Environment Day along with UNDP Kuwait. The event highlighted the main issues in protecting the marine environment in more


UNDP helps Lebanon kick off solar powered schools

Teachers and students at 25 public schools in South Lebanon are to benefit from a constant supply of electricity to their offices and classrooms following installation of solar panels that provide an alternative to expensive and polluting diesel generators. Three schools, in Kfour, Akkar and Bekaa more


Volunteers plant 1,000 trees in rural Khartoum

7 December 2009 By Eszter Farkas, Hungarian, UNV volunteer Public Information Officer in UNMIS Khartoum - Arriving in five buses at the desert village of Wawisi, 50 kilometres north of Khartoum, 150 volunteers set out with the local community to plant 1,000 trees in commemoration of Internatio more


Water network sprouts unexpected returns

The first time the water started flowing through the pipes in the dry, remote village of Ashkoot, all that could be heard throughout the community was the sound of “zaghrouta”, the celebratory ululation of joy that is particular to the region. “We were so happy that day, says Fatma Al Hassan. Befo more

Energy Subsidies in the Arab World

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