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Hope for Siciido

 Fighting in May 2009 caused many residents of Mogadishu’s Karan District to flee to Wadajir and Dherkenley Districts. Most became internally displaced persons (IDPs) and were forced to live under deplorable conditions. Siciido Axmed*, 38 years old and a single mother of 4, is an IDP in Dherk more


Hygiene kits help improve living conditions for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

UNDP has been distributing simple items which will make the lives easier for thousands of refugees from Syria living in Palestinian gatherings. A Palestinian refugee from Syria and a mother of two children, Rim investigates the contents of a large, blue pail with the UNDP logo on the side. “These si more

Improving livelihoods and reducing environmental degradation in Somalia

03 January 2012 The Hawd Plateau is like many areas in Somalia. The  landscape is arid. The sun, relentless and blinding, scorches the earth. Riverbeds are almost always dry, and livestock, the lifeblood of this country, seek cover from the heat under the thin shadows cast by Acacia trees. more


In Jordan, entrepreneurship skills help weather the economic storm

Refurbishing damaged diapers from a nearby factory may not be everyone’s cup of tea — but for Amira Rizk Abu Bqeira and members of her community, who have begun to feel the strain of an influx of refugees from Syria, cloth nappies are proving to be a business niche that may protect them from si more


Income brings hope to Somali families facing famine

With her two children losing weight fast and family income drying up, 26-year-old Haredo Ali, from Somalia’s southern Bakool region, was stuck at the centre of the country’s worst drought in 60 years. Her husband lost his honey-harvesting business when his bees abandoned their hive in search of nect more


Inter-communal dialogue helps build a durable peace in North Lebanon

In May 2007, whilst most of Lebanon was still struggling to recover from the destruction caused by the July 2006 conflict with Israel, the infiltration of armed insurgents of Fatah al-Islam into Nahr El-Bared, a Palestinian refugee camp located between Akkar and Tripoli in North Lebanon, culminated more


Iraq: Syrian women and girls struggle to survive in camps

When 20-year-old Zainab fled the ongoing fighting in Syria, she hoped to find safety in the Arbat refugee camp in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. Though she may have escaped violence in her home country, she was unable to escape it at home. When her father forced her to marry an abusive husband, she fled once a more


Iraqi judicial reform targets gender-based violence

The Iraqi government, with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has launched a series of programmes to improve security and justice, and to tackle gender-based violence in the country. Women in Iraq have not had equal access to justice or protection by law enforcement agenci more


Landmine risk awareness and victims assistance programme helps victims regain control over their lives in Egypt

Mines and explosive remnants of war contaminate a huge portion of Egypt’s Western Desert, affecting an area of about 2,680 square kilometres stretching from Alexandria to the Libyan border and 30 kilometres deep from the Mediterranean coastline.   Only a small portion of mined areas are mapped more


Legal aid for rape victim in Sudan

Garssila, a small village in war-torn Darfur, was the theatre of a shocking case in 2010, when a 13 year old girl was brutally raped by an adult man. Defying prevailing stereotypes and social taboos the girl and her family courageously took the case to court, seeking justice. To their shock, the Co more

Featured Publications
Preventing Crisis, Enabling Recovery: BCPR Annual Report 2011

Disasters, violent conflict, and economic and climate-related turbulence continue to claim lives, destroy economies and livelihoods, and undermine development progress for millions of people. Crisis prevention, recovery and reducing the vulnerability of countries to catastrophe are cornerstones of UNDP’s work.

Governance for Peace: Securing the Social Contract

Based upon an extensive stocktaking of UNDP’s experience in crisis affected contexts, Governance for Peace: Securing the Social Contract provides insights on new approaches to governance promotion, analysis and programming adapted to the 21st century challenges of fragility.

Putting Resilience at the Heart of Development: Investing in Prevention and Resilient Recovery

Disasters cause human suffering, environmental and economic harm, and set back progress on eliminating poverty. If disaster risk isn’t well managed, the consequences are manifold. Disaster risk reduction is, therefore, an investment worth making by all countries. Every dollar spent reducing people’s vulnerability to disasters saves around seven dollars in economic losses.