Employment Policies for Sustainable Development: The Experience of Ghana

The implementation of stabilisation and structural adjustment policies in many sub-Saharan African countries over the last two decades as a vehicle to enhancing economic growth and development has succeeded in providing a marginal solution to the problem of unemployment and povertyThe impact of more


Engendering Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies

This paper explores the how gender fits into macroeconomic analysis at the conceptual, modeling, empirical, and policy formulation levels. The last section provides a brief summary of UNDP's efforts in the area of gender and macroeconomics. more


Equitable Access to Basic Services

Current practice in utility provision involves the following. Governments retain ownership and pay for capital investments, while privatising the operations and management of the companies. Does this modality guarantee equitable access to water and electricity services? more


Expanding Youth Opportunities in the Arab Region

This paper examines the social and economic development outcomes linked to youth in the Arab region, and evaluates the performance of Arab governments in responding to the needs of the young generation. The 100 million young men and women in the region face very high unemployment and more


Exploring the Employment Nexus: Topics in Employment and Poverty

While it seems intuitively obvious that decent work should be important for poverty reduction in particular and human development in general, much work remains to be done before the analytical and empirical relationships between the two are clearly understood. more

OUR WORK - Poverty Reduction

UNDP is committed to initiating and implementing poverty reduction projects and building capacity at the national level in the Arab Region. Such initiatives to tackle poverty are implemented within the framework of the strategies of Country Offices, and in collaboration with national and international partners including governments, civil society, and other United Nations agencies.

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