Civil Society Engagement in PSIA Processes

This is a review of Civil Society engagement in Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) processes, commissioned by the Bratislava Regional Centre of the UNDP. It includes three case studies (Uganda, Armenia and Bolivia) and identifies entry points for future civil society engagement. more


Civil Society Index Analytical Report for Jordan

The Civil Society Index (CSI) is a participatory research project that seeks to assess the status of civil society organisations (CSOs). It is applied by practitioners in civil society and is dedicated to serving their interests globally. The CSI is based on a comprehensive methodology which wasmore


Debating the Provision of Basic Utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Despite the World Bank’s ample support for privatisation and exaggerated promises for privatisation’s performance, it has performed miserably in sub-Saharan Africa. Is it time to rethink supporting the private sector in this region? more


Debt Sustainability in HIPC and other Critically Indebted Developing Countries

The fourth in a series of discussion papers on MDGs and debt sustainability, this paper reviews the evidence of the HIPC initiative. Despite significant levels of debt relief through this initiative, in 11 out of 13 countries, debt ratios have deteriorated. The paper makes proposals to enhance themore


Economic Alternatives for Sub-Saharan Africa

This paper addresses the problem of "poverty traps" caused by low levels of national savings in Sub-Saharan Africa. The investments of many of these countries are financed by external capital flows, especially ODA. More troubling is that they are not making progress on basing theirmore

OUR WORK - Poverty Reduction

UNDP is committed to initiating and implementing poverty reduction projects and building capacity at the national level in the Arab Region. Such initiatives to tackle poverty are implemented within the framework of the strategies of Country Offices, and in collaboration with national and international partners including governments, civil society, and other United Nations agencies.

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