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As a key development agency in Sudan, UNDP supports strategic capacity development to promote inclusive, transparent and efficient governance systems. Through partnerships with national and subnational government and civil society, UNDP strives to eliminate poverty, enable recovery, and sustain themore


Yemen Poverty Assessment Report 2007

 From what was historically known as “Arabia Felix” – a land of prosperity and happiness – Yemen has become the most impoverished among the Arab countries. The government of the united Yemen, formed in 1990, has launched so far three five-year economic reform plans with the goal of restoringmore


Youth's financial inclusion policy reform study

This study is part of ‘Creating Opportunities for Youth Employment’ Joint Programme that aims to develop skills and provide livelihood opportunities to the youth (aged 15 to 30 years). The study covers three states of Sudan which are Blue Nile, North Kordofan and South Kordofan. UNDP, with anmore


map of poverty in Algeria

The Algerian authority initiated a program that fights against poverty. In order to reach this goal, poverty should be understood clearly by giving a big picture about this phenomenon. This document shows a good comprehesion about poverty in Algeria. more

OUR WORK - Poverty Reduction

UNDP is committed to initiating and implementing poverty reduction projects and building capacity at the national level in the Arab Region. Such initiatives to tackle poverty are implemented within the framework of the strategies of Country Offices, and in collaboration with national and international partners including governments, civil society, and other United Nations agencies.

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