The Millennium declaration, rights, and constitutions

As the international community and individual countries have committed themselves to attacking poverty within the context of realising the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), this work examines the experiences of various states in achieving socio –economic rights for their citizens.  Itmore


The Panoramic Study Of The Informal Economy In Jordan

This study comes in as a second step that follows producing the diagnostic study “The Informal economy in the Jordanian Economy” which measures the informal economy in the Jordanian economy based on the Jordan Labor Market Panel Survey 2010. This study aims to serve different goals as follows: (i)more


The Poverty and Equity implications of a rise in the value added tax: a Microeconomic simulation for Lebanon

This paper examines the impact of a rise in the Value Added Tax (VAT) on poverty and inequality in Lebanon. To this end, the paper develops an empirical model based on consumer demand theory and uses only household survey data on expenditures and spatial price indexes. The simulation results usingmore


Towards the Arab Renaissance

As recent events in the Arab region have amply demonstrated, the problems of poverty. Unemployment and social and political exclusion cannot be forever ignored without their arising demands for change in the basic arrangements of society. Today, the dramatic revolts in diverse Arab societies havemore


UNDP Annual Report 2009

The report outlines steps taken in 2008 to assist countries in developing their capacities to respond to citizens’ needs and reports on concrete actions undertaken by UNDP to deliver on commitments made.  The demand from developing countries for capacity development support, especially in themore

OUR WORK - Poverty Reduction

UNDP is committed to initiating and implementing poverty reduction projects and building capacity at the national level in the Arab Region. Such initiatives to tackle poverty are implemented within the framework of the strategies of Country Offices, and in collaboration with national and international partners including governments, civil society, and other United Nations agencies.

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