National HDR in process of implementation, set to pave road for development

Kuwait's Minister of Public Works and the Minister of  the State for Planning and Development Affairs, Dr. Fadhel Safar, has applauded efforts on the achievement of implementing Kuwait's Human Development Report in collaboration with UNDP Kuwait and the Arab Planning Institute. Duringmore


AHDR Research Paper Series

The Arab Human Development Report Paper Series is a medium for sharing recent research commissioned to inform the Arab Human Development Report, and further research in the field of human development. The AHDR Paper Series is a quick-disseminating, informal publication whose titles couldmore


Arab Development Challenges Report 2011 - Second Edition

This second Development Challenges Report, coming at a time when the region is passing through a critical historical juncture, attempts to go beyond the numbers to uncover processes that have underpinned mutually reinforcing drivers of social, economic and political exclusion.   This reportmore


Arab Human Development Report 2004 Towards Freedom in the Arab World

This report, the third in the series, seeks to focus on the thorny issues of freedom, good governance and political reform. Drawing on a mixture of survey data and the other research it seeks to map out the challenges and constraints to moving forward on a path of democratic progress. more


Arab Human Development Report 2005 Towards the Rise of Women in the Arab World

This year’s Arab Human Development Report marks the fourth, in a four-part series that has made a significant contribution to the debate on the development challenges facing the Arab world.   This year’s report presents a compelling argument as to why realising the full potential of Arab womenmore

OUR WORK - Arab Human Development Report

The Arab Human Development Report is an independent report sponsored by UNDP and authored by leading scholars, policymakers and opinion leaders in the Arab countries. They are prepared through highly consultative processes, drawing over the years on contributions from over 200 scholars in the Arab countries, as well as consultations with youth and other stakeholders.

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