Morocco - Millennium Development Goals Report 2009

The report of 2009 shows how Morocco is working to achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals. It elaborates the way of reducing poverty, promoting equity between sexes, empowering women, reducing mortality and fighting against HIV. more


Palestinian - Millennium Development Goals Report 2010

The 2010 Report shows how occupied Palestinian Territory is working to reduce poverty and hunger and boost the economy in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. more


Post-2015 Development Agenda National Consultations in Jordan

 Jordan is one of the 88+ countries which carried out national consultations worldwide. 10 countries from the Arab region were selected to run the post-2015 national consultations: Jordan, Djibouti, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. The Jordanian nationalmore


Qatar - National Millennium Development Goals ReportQatar MDG

The State of Qatar has shown a high degree of consideration to basic infrastructure, economic, health and educational issues. It has also strived to enhance the role of women in development and achieve high levels of community welfare. This has meant the achievement of many of the goals of themore


Saudi Arabia - Millennium Development Goals Report

The objective of the national reports, which feature indicators and analysis of progress, is to inform decision-makers and gain their support, and ultimately reach the formulation of adequate policies. The reports also aim at mobilizing the participation of all economic, social, and politicalmore

OUR WORK - Millennium Development Goals

According to the Third Arab Human Development Report (AMDGR) for 2010, the Arab region continues to be characterized by sharp disparities between the different sub-regions While the high income countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council  are on-track to achieving most of the MDG targets, the poorer countries, most of which suffer from conflict, together with Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, lag significantly behind, making it unlikely that they will be able to meet the majority of the targets by 2015.

Within this context, the Millennium Development Goals can only be achieved by 2015 through following suitable economic and social policies.

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