Kuwait - National Millennium Development Goals Report

The report of 2010 is in line with the conclusion of the previous two reports where Kuwait is capable of achieving the MDGs by the designated date of 2015. Three of the goals have already been achieved ahead of time (i.e., eradication of extreme poverty and hunger; reducing child mortality; and themore


Lebanon - National Millennium Development Goals Report

The report of 2008 is the second Millennium Development Goals Report (MDGR) issued by the Lebanese government, with the support of the United Nations Agencies in Lebanon. It is the result of the efforts of a national technical committee representing different concerned ministries, governmentmore


Libya Millennium Development Goal Report 2008

The publication of the 2008 Millennium Development Goal report for Libya marks an important milestone in efforts to mainstream the MDG's into national development planning. Periodical reports are a useful advocacy tool and provide a crucial opportunity to refine development interventions. more


MDG Report Arab States 2007 Youth

The year 2007 marks the midpoint between the adoption in 2000 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), under the United Nations Millennium Declaration, and the target date of 2015 for their attainment. Since adopting the eight Goals, the Arab region has achieved progress in many relevant areas,more


MDGs in Iraq - 2013 Progress Report

UNDP’s work in Iraq is governed by one clear aim: to make Iraq a better place to live. This aim is reflected in every aspect of our work and is captured in a comprehensive set of eight measurable objectives known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals were set by world leaders atmore

OUR WORK - Millennium Development Goals

According to the Third Arab Human Development Report (AMDGR) for 2010, the Arab region continues to be characterized by sharp disparities between the different sub-regions While the high income countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council  are on-track to achieving most of the MDG targets, the poorer countries, most of which suffer from conflict, together with Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, lag significantly behind, making it unlikely that they will be able to meet the majority of the targets by 2015.

Within this context, the Millennium Development Goals can only be achieved by 2015 through following suitable economic and social policies.

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