Factsheet: Human Rights, HIV, TB And Malaria

The fact sheet is about human rights and the three diseases – HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It highlights the importance of promoting human rights in response to the three diseases. The fact sheet was developed by UNDP and the Open Society Foundations in collaboration with the Roll Back Malariamore


HIV/AIDS: The Gender Dimension Fact Sheet

The fact sheet discusses the reasons for growing feminization of the AIDS epidemic and how to address it. It illustrates an example from Ethiopia which adopted Community Conversations methodology to openly discuss taboos and solutions to coping with AIDS. more


Handbook For HIV And AIDS Mainstreaming

The Mainstreaming handbook builds on the key frameworks and training materials developed by the UNDP Regional Program based in South Africa, and through intensive field testing and trainings in Ethiopia. more


Hoping And Coping: A Call For Action- The Capacity Challenge Of HIV-AIDS In LDCs

Publication describes the human and institutional capacity challenges posed by HIV/AIDS epidemic, illustrating why Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are particularly vulnerable and why urgent action is needed. more


Poverty And HIV-AIDS In Sub-Saharan Africa

The paper talks about the two-pronged relations between HIV and AIDS and poverty. The findings suggest that the epidemic erodes the community coping capacities and intensifies the poverty. more


UNDP’s support in the regional-level fight against this epidemic is led by the HIV/AIDS Regional Programme in the Arab States (HARPAS). Launched to heighten awareness and build commitment to scale up prevention measures to the spread of HIV/AIDS in the region, HARPAS works with a broad range of partners including religious leaders, NGOs, parliamentarians, the media, the private sector, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

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