A Guide for Countries Preparing Third National Reports To The CBD

The guidelines, developed under the UNDP/GEF Project "National Reporting to the CBD: Supporting countries to prepare the Third National Report on Biodiversity", are designed to assist all those agencies, institutions and individuals within a country whose participation and input aremore


Assessment of Direct and Indirect Impacts of Climate Change Scenarios (Water Resources Study Vol 1)

The study aims at optimizing the water allocation in the ZRB through maximizing the net value added by considering the climate change scenarios developed by the team of the study The current water allocation suffers from unmet demands. In the future, more wastewater will be produced and moremore


Capacity Development: A UNDP Primer

This primer addresses the basic elements of the UNDP approach to capacity development. It provides a simple, cogent and accessible illustration of the UNDP Capacity Development Approach for the benefit of development practitioners both within and beyond the UN development system – a real-worldmore


Energy Access In Developing Countries

Policies and national programmes must be drastically enhanced to tackle in any significant way energy poverty.  This cannot be done effectively without a clear understanding of the energy access situation in countries, including understanding regional and national trends, rural/urbanmore


Energy Subsidies In The Arab World

This report is part of the Arab Human Development Reports’ Research Paper Series which examines energy subsidies in the Arab region. It considers energy subsidies in the context of achieving overall welfare objectives related to expanding energy access and protecting poor households’ incomes; tomore

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OUR WORK - Environment & Energy

UNDP supports Arab countries in capacity development to ensure that environment and sustainable development are taken into account in drawing up and implementing national policies, strategies and programmes.

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