The ADCR 2011: governance of equitable development : what went wrong and what lies ahead

  This paper argues that hard choices about development need to be made in the Arab region and only a legitimately elected, responsive and accountable government can make these choices. Policies of legitimately elected governments tend to represent the needs and aspirations of many (not a more


The Millennuim development goals in the Arab region 2005

A total of 191 countries adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration at the Millennium Summit, which was held from 6 to 8 September 2000, thereby renewing their commitment to peace and security, and to promoting democracy, good governance and respect for internationally agreed upon human more

The National Human Development Report Lebanon (2008 - 2009)

Citizenship in Lebanon was addressed in this report from three principle perspectives.   The first addresses citizenship and the sectarian state. It explores the relationship of the state, its institutions, its constitution and its laws, including personal status laws to citizens. This more


UNDP Annual Report 2009

The report outlines steps taken in 2008 to assist countries in developing their capacities to respond to citizens’ needs and reports on concrete actions undertaken by UNDP to deliver on commitments made.  The demand from developing countries for capacity development support, especially in the more


UNDP Annual Report 2008

In early 2007, the world economy was still in its third year of exceptionally rapid growth, progress which has had a positive impact on poverty reduction in general.  By mid-2007, however, it was clear that developing countries would have to respond to a great deal of uncertainty in the global more

OUR WORK - Democratic Governance

At the request of country partners, UNDP supports democratic governance goals through strengthening core government institutions at the national, regional and local levels. Our work includes supporting change toward increased civic engagement and inclusive participation, enhancing accountable and responsive governing institutions, and working with partners to ground governance in the international principles at the heart of the United Nations.

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