Drought Impact Assessment, Recovery and Mitigation Framework and Regional Project Design in Kurdistan Region (KR

The droughts that KR faced in the past few years were very severe, affecting a population that was already suffering from the impacts of previous drought spells, with a wider geographical reach and a disastrous impact on the lives of the population. Drought seems to have had a disastrous impact on more


Developing a Private Sector Housing Finance Market in Iraq

Due to population growth, rapid urbanisation, wars, international sanctions, internal conflict and displacement, providing affordable housing to all citizens is one of the main social and political challenges in today’s Iraq. Therefore, the Iraq National Housing Policy (INHP) main policy goals are more


Investigating Grey Areas

This report is the result of a joint effort by UNDP and UN-HABITAT to gain a better understanding of the various dynamics governing access to basic urban services in the Adjacent Areas of Palestine Refugee Camps in Lebanon. more


Preventing Crisis, Enabling Recovery: BCPR Annual Report 2011

Disasters, violent conflict, and economic and climate-related turbulence continue to claim lives, destroy economies and livelihoods, and undermine development progress for millions of people. Crisis prevention, recovery and reducing the vulnerability of countries to catastrophe are cornerstones of more


Sudan national Human development Report 2012

In a new era in its history, Sudan faces an unprecedented opportunity to make and build peace—to create lasting ways to live together and mediate differences. Crafting new pathways for human freedom, relationships between its people and supporting public dialogue where Sudanese can voice their more

OUR WORK - Crisis Prevention and Recovery

UNDP is helping at present the governments of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen in their efforts for effective disaster risk management and crisis prevention.

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