• 12-19 November IUCN World Parks Congress 2014

    The IUCN World Parks Congress, a landmark global forum on protected areas, brings together participants from across the globe to set the agenda on protected areas for the next decade.


  • Asia Pacific Regional Innovation Summit 2014

    The two-day Asia Pacific Regional Innovation Summit will bring together thinkers at the cutting edge of development innovations in the region to brainstorm on how we can address some of the biggest development challenges of our time.


    In 2014, the United Nations Development Programme together with USAID United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and United Nations Global Pulse, will be hosting the Asia Urban Futures Workshop to bring the science and technology sectors together with the development community in a novel way to discuss the rising challenges and opportunities facing Asia as the result of rapid urbanization and climate change.


  • Indian Ocean Rim Dialogue: Paths to Women’s Economic Empowerment

    Participants from all 20 Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) countries across Africa, South and East Asia and the Middle-East called for greater investment in women’s productivity and implementation of gender responsive policy frameworks a the three-day dialogue titled Paths to Women’s Economic Empowerment in IORA Countries, with a focus on tourisms and textiles in Kuala Lumpur, 17-19 August, 2014


  • 12-13 June: Regional Dialogue on Transparency, Accountability and Voices against Corruption

    The Regional Dialogue on "Transparency, Accountability and Voices against Corruption will bring together over 70 participants from 27 countries in Bangkok on 12-13 June. The event will attract representatives from UNDP country offices in Asia-Pacific and headquarters, delegates from national anti-corruption agencies, as well as representatives from non-government organizations and development partners.

  • 10-11 June: Regional Dialogue on Programming on Women’s Access to Land and Property

    Asia-Pacific continues to trail other regions in terms of women’s ownership of land, and progressive legal reforms have largely failed to change land-ownership structures, widening the gap between policies and ground realities, said experts at a land rights dialogue organized by UNDP’s Asia-Pacific Regional Centre in June, 2014.