Poverty Reduction


Asia and the Pacific has made good progress towards the MDG, particularly in reducing levels of poverty. The region has also achieved impressive economic growth. Nevertheless, Asia and the Pacific is still home to more than two-thirds of the world’s poor. Progress has been coupled with an alarming increase in inequality and persistent economic and social vulnerabilities. Social discrimination and exclusion continues to persist.more

Our Goals

UNDP works to support countries in Asia and the Pacific to sustain and accelerate progress on the MDG, ensuring that growth is inclusive, sustainable and equitable.more

Building a better life for people

UNDP project brought economic opportunities to ethnic minorities in China while preserving and enhancing their cultural identity and traditions. Photo: UNDP China more

Our Stories

  • A soil school in action in Taveuni. Photo: Vasiti Navuku/UNDP/GEF

    Chemical free farming paves the way to sustainability in Fiji

    Five years ago farmers would have laughed had anyone said that farming without the use of chemicals was profitable. Now, many farmers on the island of Taveuni in Fiji are convinced it is possible to grow crops without chemical input, get good yields and earn a sustainable income. more

Our Perspectives

Can we really blame it on the rain?

There is a growing mountain of evidence that policies as well as external shocks such as climate change affect men and women differently, given locations and social and economic strata among other things. more