Deoum Troung Pram Hath in Modern Cambodia

This report presents the preliminary analysis of research that was carried out in the rural provinces of Prey Veng and Pursat, and also in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. The research examines the links between masculinity, gender, and domestic violence in Cambodia. It aims to furthermore


Designing Climate-linked Social Protection in Asia-Pacific Cities

As the Asia-Pacific region continues to rapidly urbanize, many of the region’s development challenges – job creation and poverty reduction, governance and access to services, and environmental sustainability – will be increasingly focused in its cities. The region’s urban centres hold the key to amore


Developing a Comprehensive Package of Services to Reduce HIV among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender (TG) Populations in Asia and the Pacific - Regional Consensus Meeting Report

The Regional Consensus Meeting on Developing a Comprehensive Package of Services to Reduce HIV among Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender Populations in Asia and the Pacific was convened to review and endorse a comprehensive package of services and programmes to support HIV prevention,more


Discussion paper: Linkages between violence against women and HIV in Asia and the Pacific

While research conducted in sub-Saharan Africa and in hyper-epidemic settings have established that violence against women drives and fuels the HIV epidemic, there has been little analysis done in countries with concentrated epidemics such as those in the Asia-Pacific region, andmore


Documenting Emerging Lessons Learned for Human Rights-Based Programming

This note is based on lessons learned from documenting experiences and programmes that incorporated human rights-based approaches (HRBAs) in several Asia-Pacific countries. Targeted at HRBA practitioners – especially those involved in HRBA programming – this note aims to present lessons in terms ofmore

E-Discussion on Climate Change and Human Development

The Asia-Pacific Human Development Network (AP-HDNet) discussion on climate change and human development started on 4 February 2010 and ended on 30 July 2010. It aimed to explore how climate change would affect human development, with a focus on how to improve the quality of human life in themore


E-Discussion on Transforming Corruption through Human Development

The principal objective of this round of discussion on the Asia Pacific Human Development Network (AP-HDNet) was to engage stakeholders in a constructive and multifaceted debate on corruption for the Asia Pacific Human Development Report. The discussion involved four sub-themes (political economy,more


E-Discussion: Gender – Overcoming Unequal Power, Unequal Voice

This e-discussion is a result of intense exchange among stakeholders across the region on issues around specific themes (economic equity, politico-legal equity, education, gender identities, gender mainstreaming, and folklore and historical stories) from September 2008 to April 2009. The discussionmore


East & South-East Asia Outcomes: Consultations on the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

The East and South-East Asia HLF Consultation had a two-fold objective: to support partner countries in preparing for the Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF-3); and to ensure that the East & South-East Asian voices genuinely contribute to the design and outcome of the Accra Highmore