Democratic Governance


Democratic governance challenges in Asia and the Pacific are diverse, ranging from inequitable service delivery to information in bureaucratic cultures, weaknesses in parliamentary oversight, lack of equal access to justice and exclusion of marginalized groups, such as indigenous peoples. The ongoing global economic crisis and compounded democracy deficits in the region have, in turn, deterred the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).More

Our Goals

UNDP works in the Asia and the Pacific to ensure people’s participation in decision-making processes and establishing accountable and responsive governing institutions; and help governments strengthen core institutions at all levels.More

Ensuring people’s participation in decision-making.

A woman in Dili places her vote into a ballot box in Timor-Leste's 2012 Presidential Elections. Photo: Sandra Magno/UNDP Timor-Leste

Our Stories

  • Bishnu Maya Gurung, 65, casts her vote at a polling station in Sainbu VDC, Lalipur. Photo: Ajay Das

    Nepalese voted to elect an Assembly to write a new constitution

    On 19 November 2013, voters in Nepal cast their ballot in another round of Constituent Assembly (CA) election in a bid to formulate a new constitution and form a stable government.more

  • A typical travel route for rural people to process their paperwork. Photo: UNDP Bhutan

    Bringing services to the people

    Tugpula plans to build a permanent mud rammed house in his remote village. But his dream of a roof over his head has not materialized because he has been unable to get the necessary clearance from the forest authorities to obtain timber. But this is all set to change with the UNDP supported e-governance project.more

Scaling-up Innovations

  • Mountains of paper tied together in musty government offices in Bangladesh are being replaced by data on computers, making access easier for officials and timely for citizens.

    Access to Information in Bangladesh


  • Naran Majhi, villager in Odisha, India, had no rights of ownership on his land for years. Today he shows the forest land patta or recognition document for his land holdings. Photo: Lingaraj Panda/UNDP India

    Access to Justice in India