Millenium Development Goals

  • Asia Water Watch 2015

    This report uses the latest data available to measure each country’s progress toward MDG Target 10 and analyzes whether it will be achieved.

  • Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2012/2013

    This report presents some perspectives on the post-2015 development agenda as part of the system-wide discussion initiated by the Secretary-General.

  • Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2011/2012

    This report underlines the extent of disparities across the region, looking especially at the wide gaps in the goals related to health and nutrition where the region is particularly under-performing.

  • Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2010/2011

    This report uses the latest information from the United Nations MDG database to assess which countries and sub-regions are likely to miss or achieve the Goals.

  • Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2009/2010

    Coming in the midst of the global financial and economic turmoil, this report offers a unique opportunity to redress the information balance – to register the impact on the poor and the implications for the achievement of the Goals.


At the international level, UNDP works with the UN family to advance the Global Partnership for Development. At the national level, UNDP works in close collaboration with UN organizations to:

  • Raise awareness of MDGs and advocate for countries and sub-national regions to adopt and adapt MDGs;
  • Provide leadership and UN coordination to develop capacity in countries to assess what is needed to achieve the MDGs, to conceptualize policies and to design strategies and plans. For this purpose, UNDP organizes consultations and training, conducts research, develop planning and information management tools;
  • Provide hands-on support to countries to scale up implementation of initiatives to achieve the MDGs, in areas such as procurement, human resources and financial management;
  • Assist countries to report on their progress.