Asia-Pacific Human Development Report on Climate Change

Technical Background Papers


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/01

This paper surveys the evidence on the ways in which economic development and policies aimed at advancing human development have contributed and currently contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. It also examines the feedback effects that such warming and the resulting climatemore


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/06

UNDP engaged the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and researchers in Australia, India and Indonesia to provide a technical paper on Climate Change and Vulnerability of People in Cities of Asia. A literature review was undertaken to investigate and analyse themore


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/07

This paper presents the effects of increased temperatures and sea-level rise, together with other climate-linked changes to the Pacific Islands. It examines past responses to climate changes and barriers in driving adaptation to climate change at the community level. It also presents a set ofmore


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/09

The study addresses the variation in adaptive capacity of farmers located in Asian deltas due to different forms of resource availability and institutional governance as well as physical location.   The data presented in this paper suggests that adaptive capacity is highly volatile and dependsmore


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/12

This paper aims to present a background to resource-based conflicts and how they may be influenced by climate change in the Asia Pacific region. In so doing, this paper first examines the relationship between security, natural resources, and climate change. Second, this paper looks specifically atmore


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/15

Climate change can exacerbate existing vulnerabilities in terms of water resources and the ability of infrastructure to cope with shocks (caused by increased variability of weather events).  However, how such shocks translate into impacts on health and well-being is rather complex.   Thismore


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/16

Climate change threatens human health. A report from The Lancet, the world’s leading general medical journal, declared climate change as “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.” While climate change affects the world over, the Asia-Pacific region stands particularly vulnerable to itsmore


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/17

Energy drives development, economic as well as human, with advanced technologies as means to achieve this. The deprivations in energy in terms of quantity as well as quality causes lack of development thereby poverty and human sufferings. This technical paper is an attempt at providing deepermore


APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/18

Energy is essential for socioeconomic development. Enormous increases in global energy supply are required to lift 2.4 billion people out of energy poverty worldwide. Without a fundamental change in energy sources and technologies, however, global greenhouse gas emissions will increase further,more

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