Human Development

  • The State of Human Development in the PacificAug 29, 2014
    This report provides an updated picture on the state of human development in the Pacific, drawn from new data and analysis from Household Income and Expenditure (HIES) surveys conducted in various PICs, as well as other recent research. While UNDP’s Pacific Centre has led the production of this report, many UN agencies, and other development partners working in the Pacific have also made substantial contributions to its content and analysis.

  • Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2012: One Planet to ShareAsia-Pacific Human Development Report 2012: One Planet to ShareMay 10, 2012
    This regional flagship report analyses the climate change impacts from the perspectives of mountain dwellers, delta communities, islanders, indigenous and tribal peoples and the urban poor.

  • Enforcing Rights and Correcting Wrongs: Overcoming Gender Barriers in Legal Systems Enforcing Rights and Correcting Wrongs: Overcoming Gender Barriers in Legal Systems Dec 16, 2011
    This paper uncovers barriers to equality in legal systems that restrict human rights along gender lines – patent and latent; and proposes possible ways to redress legal discrimination for accelerating human development.

  • E-Discussion on Climate Change and Human DevelopmentE-Discussion on Climate Change and Human DevelopmentMay 18, 2011
    The Asia-Pacific Human Development Network (AP-HDNet) discussion on climate change and human development aimed to explore how climate change would affect human development, with a focus on how to improve the quality of human life in the changing climate.

  • Benchmarking National Legislation for Gender EqualityBenchmarking National Legislation for Gender EqualityJan 10, 2011
    This publication aims to reveal de jure challenges and legal gaps that undermine women’s fundamental freedoms and rights. Based on case studies from Asia, it reviews the legal systems of Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam.

Our Work on Human Development

We work to stimulate global, regional and national policy discussions on issues that are relevant to human development. Human Development Reports are our flagship products and key advocacy tools for the idea that development is more than about economic growth.

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This portal is a repository of Asia-Pacific Human Development Reports and features the process of consultation and country dissemination as well as interaction.

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