In Viet Nam, exposing the inequities of 'normal' gender roles

The campaign argues that what people in Viet Nam consider ‘normal’ gender roles are actually abnormal. UNDP Viet Nam Photo

Existing stereotypes in Viet Nam confine women and men to certain roles, positions and careers. According to a UNDP report on women’s leadership in Viet Nam, few women achieve senior government positions.… Read more

Gender equality, the accelerator for sustainable development

At UNDP we see powerful synergies between gender equality, economic development and environmental sustainability. UNDP Photo

March is a special time of year in New York. Thousands of women from all over the world come to the UN headquarters to discuss progress made towards gender equality.… Read more

A Bittersweet Birthday


Wouldn’t it have been great, if at 50 we could have closed shop? If we could have said ‘Our work here is done’? For an organization that works on issues such as poverty reduction, 50 just does not have the same ring as 3.… Read more

Bringing experience and innovation to spur progress in Asia and the Pacific


It has been said that ‘you are only as good as your last success.’ As the United Nations Development Programme marks its 50th anniversary at the end of this month, we are forging ahead in that spirit, and not resting on our achievements.… Read more

In Ho Chi Minh City, officials look beyond income to find the poor

As the country’s most prosperous city, the nature of poverty in Ho Chi Minh City has changed over the past decade, as is the case among many of Viet Nam’s middle income neighbours. Photo: Paul Arps / CC2.0

Far from fudging the stats to make the poverty line appear lower, officials at HCMC have taken great pains to ensure a greater number of people are listed as poor. And this change not only holds great promise in shaping stronger social welfare systems in Viet Nam, it could change how other Asian megacities tackle deep-seated urban poverty.… Read more