Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction Reports A-Z


UNDP Regional Report on HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

This report seeks to communicate some of the impressive achievements accomplished through the collective efforts of UNDP, governments, UN partners, the private sector and committed individuals and civil societies in Sub-Saharan Africa. more


Understanding the Link between Development Planning and HIV-AIDS- Sub-Saharan Africa

The document examines the various aspects of development and its linkage to HIV in the region. The document analyses how development planning, over time, has facilitated or inhibited national responses to HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. more


Upscaling Community Conversations in Ethiopia

The document discusses the results of Community Conversations in terms of empowering communities at the grass roots level to engage in open discussions about HIV/AIDS and to take innovative steps to reverse the spread of the epidemic, including behavioural change. more

Our Work - Poverty Reduction

Poverty reduction lies at the heart of everything UNDP does in Africa to advance human dignity and inclusive development. We help countries act on the multiple and interconnected dimensions of poverty and inequality by connecting people to livelihoods, secure food sources, better health care and higher standards of living, in addition to empowering them with the ability to make life choices.

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