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Achieving the MDGs: The role of energy services - Brazil, Mali, Philippines

The study aims to help establish a better quantitative understanding of how the provision of energy services can lead to development outcomes that aid the achievement of the MDGs. It shows the relationship between energy service availability and the economic and social dimensions of the MDGmore


Africa Adaptation Programme Experiences: Gender and Climate Change

This paper focuses on the links between gender and climate change adaptation and highlights strategies UNDP's Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) used to mainstream gender into climate change adaptation policy and increase women's engagement in decision-making.  AAP was launched in 2008, withmore


Africa Adaptation Programme: A Cross Practice Approach

Over the past decade, UNDP has provided increasing support for climate change adaptation, recognizing climate change not only as an environmental issue, but also as a development one.  As the UN Agency responsible for development and in particular the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), UNDPmore

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Environment & Energy - Our Work

UNDP helps Sub-Saharan African countries achieve environmentally sustainable development paths while promoting economic growth, boosting human development and reducing poverty. UNDP helps African countries expand access to reliable, modern sources of energy and regional institutions to tackle climate challenges by building capacities of decision-makers and institutions to attract and implement climate funding. In addition, we support public institutions and communities to become climate-resilient and minimize the risk of climate-related disasters.

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