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Drought Risk Management: Practitioner's Perspectives from Africa and Asia

This publication is one of the main outputs from our activities of the Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network. Drought is not a new phenomenon: a large part of Africa and Asia  have been facing increased climate variability and extreme events. The terms such as risk


International Support for Capacity Development in Post-conflict States: Reflections from Two Case Studies in West Africa

This publication and its companion piece ‘State-Building: Key Concepts and Operational Implications in two Fragile States’ reports on an assessment of a number of programs in Sierra Leone and Liberia that a small team from the World Bank (Fragile and Conflict-Affected States Group) and UNDP (Bureau

Response to the Crisis in the Horn of Africa

This paper presents UNDP's strategy and funding priorities in helping to address the Horn of Africa crisis in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. It discussess UNDP's comparative advantage in responding to the crisis based on the organisation’s readiness to implement quickly, through

Crisis Prevention & Recovery - Our Work

UNDP strengthens the capacities of African countries to prevent armed conflict, mitigate the risk and effects of natural disasters and build back better and stronger. When a crisis strikes, while the humanitarian response focuses on the immediate lifesaving needs of a population, UNDP supports those responsible to work towards longer-term development objectives. UNDP also ensures disaster risk reduction and climate risk management are built into national and local development plans, with a strong institutional basis for follow through.

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