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Africa Adaptation Programme: A Cross Practice Approach

Over the past decade, UNDP has provided increasing support for climate change adaptation, recognizing climate change not only as an environmental issue, but also as a development one.  As the UN Agency responsible for development and in particular the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), UNDPmore


Africa Adaptation Programme: Capacity building experiences

The discussion paper aims to emphasize the importance of historical climate data, climate projections and climate vulnerability and risk studies for building climate resilient communities. The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) was one of UNDP’s flagship programmes in Africa and supported improvedmore


Africa Adaptation Programme: Voices from the Ground

The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) was a strategic climate change initiative designed to help create more informed climate change adaptation decision-making and more effective implementation of those decisions in each of the 20 participating countries. This document includes media coverage ofmore