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Laying the foundations for climate resilient development

This report seeks to chronicle the successes of the AAP by giving a voice to the people who have implemented the programme on the ground, including National AAP Directors, representatives of UNDP Country Offices and individuals working with local NGOs. It gives them an opportunity to describe somemore


Lessons from the South African Electricity Crisis

South Africa is suffering an electricity crisis. Blackouts have been widespread and the impact disastrous. Electricity supply is predicted to constrain growth for at least the next five years. How could this have occurred when until recently South Africa had a surplus of cheap electricity? more


Mainstreaming Access to Energy Services - African Regional Economic Communities

The document focuses on integrating access to modern energy services into regional and national policies and policy tools. It presents the experience of three African Regional Economic Councils and concludes that the work in developing a political consensus on access to energy has laid themore