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Human rights obligations to address HIV and AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa

This human rights advocacy tool includes an instruction booklet, PowerPoint, flipchart, guide and compendium and is intended to promote, support implementation of human rights-based approaches in AIDS response to Eastern, Southern Africa. It was designed for use by government officials, more


Identification of Critical areas - Malawi Public Service Capacity Replenishment

This report presents the outcome of the study on the identification of critical areas for capacity replenishment in the public service. The study covered five selected institutions, namely; Ministries of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Food Security Education, Science and Technology, Health and more


Impacts of the Economic Crisis on Human Development and the MDGs in Africa

Will the crisis have long term consequences for human development and MDG achievement in Africa? What policies can address them? This paper examines similar episodes in the past and uses a simple framework to assess the impact on human development and MDGs. It demonstrates how the crisis can lead more