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Dryland futures: East and Southern Africa-Three critical factors

The publication looks to the prospect for the East and Southern African drylands in the context of recent history and the changes that have occurred in the realms of policy, economic and social conditions and the environment. It further points out three of the biggest challenges facing East and more


Economic Alternatives for Sub-Saharan Africa

This paper addresses the problem of "poverty traps" caused by low levels of national savings in Sub-Saharan Africa. The investments of many of these countries are financed by external capital flows, especially ODA. More troubling is that they are not making progress on basing their more


Electronic Governance and Access to Information in Niger

This synthesis note presents the main findings of the assessment of the DGTTF project Electronic Governance and Access to Information for the Modernization of Public Administration and Local Development in Niger, published as part of the DGTTF Lessons Learned Series. more