Poverty Reduction


Strengthening Social Protection Components and Strategies in the Philippines: A Compilation of Social Protection Think Papers

These Social Protection think papers discuss the social dimensions of climate change, expanding the coverage of social protection to the informal sector workers, improving the coverage of social health insurance, and the public workfare programs on social safety nets. These papers have gone throughmore


What Has Really Happened to Poverty in the Philippines?: New Measures Evidence and Policy Implications

Poverty is increasingly recognized as a multidimensional phenomenon, yet its assessment continues to be conducted almost exclusively in terms of income (or expenditure). This practice is prevalent partly because low household incomes are casually associated with other deprivation indicators, suchmore


The Programme promotes and enhances partnerships with government, civil society and the private sector to reduce poverty and achieve the MDGs by 2015. As of 2009 the Philippines had a poverty incidence of 26.5% of population against a 2015 target of 16.6%. This means that from 2010 to 2015, an estimated 10 million poor Filipinos must rise above poverty.

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