Poverty Reduction


Accounting for Gender Results: A Review of the Philippine GAD Budget Policy

Gender and development is a continuing, common and priority concern within the United Nations System. Thus, the preparation of the study, “A Review of the Philippine GAD Budget Policy,” which assesses the implementation of a key gender and development policy of the Philippines at the national levelmore


Alternative Bugget Initiative: Three Years Experience

This publication examines the experience and learnings from the three year Alternative Budget Initiative, led by Social Watch Philippines, in successfully lobbying for increased national budgeting for social and human development with the national government. more


In Search of a Human Face: 15 Years of Knowledge Building for Human Development in the Philippines

Reflecting on the past 15 years of human development advocacy in the Philippines, this book compiles important themes and chapters from the first five national Human Development Reports, analysing them from a modern perspective, and identifying gaps and areas for continued effort goingmore


Overseas Filipinos Remittances for Development (OFs-ReD): Building a Future Back home

OFs-ReD is a two-year project that seeks to identify effective mechanisms to harness remittances for local development, job creation and entrepreneurship. It will also identify the policies necessary for these mechanisms to be successful and sustainable. The project will have two major outputs:more


Public Environmental Expenditure Review at National and Local Levels

The study reviews the public environmental expenditures at national and local levels and analyzes how they contribute to environmental and poverty outcomes. It explores the manner by which the level of environmental expenditure data could be incorporated in the medium term expenditure framework. more


The Programme promotes and enhances partnerships with government, civil society and the private sector to reduce poverty and achieve the MDGs by 2015. As of 2009 the Philippines had a poverty incidence of 26.5% of population against a 2015 target of 16.6%. This means that from 2010 to 2015, an estimated 10 million poor Filipinos must rise above poverty.

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