A Referral System for Care and Support Services for Persons Living with HIV and their Families

Provides a framework for an effective mechanism to ensure access of people living with HIV (PLHIV) to quality and timely delivery of services, including those that will cater to the needs of their families. It is intended to facilitate the convergence of various service providers to respond to themore


Decentralizing AIDS Responses - Local Government

Key features of this novel HIV programming and partnership-building initiative include the following: more


Localizing the HIV and AIDS Response: Local Government Guide for Practical Action

Provides a step-by-step guide in establishing a local AIDS response for local governments, including tools to assess the local AIDS situation and monitor response. It is targeted towards those who are launching inititatives on HIV/AIDS or those seeking further guidance to enhance existingmore


National and Local Policies Related to AIDS and Drug Use: Content Review and Assessment

The study aims to review national and local policies related to HIV and AIDS and drug use, assess their relevance and responsiveness to the current epidemiology and emerging risks on HIV among people who inject drugs (PWID), and generate recommendations that would help enhance policy environmentmore


Policy Review: the AIDS Prevention and Control Ordinances of Quezon City and Pasay City

This report sought to assess the local HIV and AIDS ordinances in selected cities (i.e., Quezon City and Pasay City) in terms of its relevance to or alignment with national laws or policies, responsiveness to the current epidemiology and emerging risks, and implementation. It seeks to generatemore


Aligned with the UN Development Assistance Framework 2012-2018 and the national AIDS Medium Term Plan 2012-2016, UNDP works to strengthen capacities of national and local governments and communities to plan and implement sustained, comprehensive and effective responses to HIV and AIDS.