Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme

Brief Description

A beneficiary assisting a staff member at the workshop she owns in producing one of her designs

Al Fakhoora dynamic Futures Programme aims at building a  cadre of educated and trained leaders who are civic-minded, intellectually able, and professionally skilled to become the community, business, and national leaders of the future.  The programme, which targets Palestinian postsecondary students of underserved backgrounds, avails opportunities for them to  actualise their potential by overcoming socioeconomic, political and cultural limitations and enable them to become productive members in the society.Education and training is perceived to influence graduating students’ employment in three critical ways:

  • As levels of education rise, so do opportunities for labor force participation
  • The level and type (specialisation) of education affects the range of available job opportunities; and
  • Higher levels of education increase graduates’ earning capacity, and consequently improves the livelihood of their families

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme is worth USD 6.85 million and funded bilaterally by the State of Qatar’s Al Fakhoora Campaign and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).  

Expected Outcomes

  • Postsecondary students, Al-Fakhoora Scholars, through the Al-Fakhoora Scholarship Programme overcome socioeconomic obstacles that deprive them from access to market-relevant educational advancement
  • Al-Fakhoora Scholarship graduates, through empowerment, leadership development and life skills provided by capable and transparent institutions (academic institutions, civil society organizations, the private sector, etc.) have opportunities to engage productively in society and provide leadership within and outside of their own community
  • Al-Fakhoora Scholars are enabled through a visible multi-faceted, well-branded scholarship/empowerment advocacy campaign to influence global media channels to communicate better key challenges facing Palestinian youth’s right to education under occupation


  • 320 scholarships have been granted to Palestinian students from Gaza, 300 for bachelor degree and 20 for masters
  • 300 scholars have economic empowerment interventions for their families
  • Soft skills programme has been designed to build the capacity of scholars with needed skills such as IT, language, communications and leadership
  • Specialised career advisory services provided to students in response to a labor market study conducted by UNDP
  • Student services and counselling to help students and guide them to a better future

Finances and Delivery

Phase II: USD 4,422,203
Donor                      Amount contributed
Al Fakhoora Campaign USD 2,211,048
Islamic Development Bank USD 2,211,155
Phase I : USD 2,426,330
Donor Amount contributed
Al Fakhoora Campaign USD 1,190,330
Islamic Development Bank USD 1,236,000
Project Start Date:
September 2010
Estimated End Date:
August 2022
AL Fakhoora Campaign (HHO), Islamic Development Bank
Geographic Coverage:
Jerusalem and Gaza Strip
Focus Area:
Poverty Reduction, Education
Millennium Development Goal
Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
Nasser Al-Faqih, Poverty Reduction Team Leader, Contact: 00972-2-6268200,
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