Millennium Development Goals


Pakistan MDG Report 2005

The Pakistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2005 is a self-evaluation of the progress made by Pakistan towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, to assess the extent to which pledges have been fulfilled, and further the efforts that are needed to achieve them. more


Pakistan MDG Report 2006

The Pakistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2006 is a self-evaluation on the progress of selected MDG indicators. Compared to the earlier reports that evaluated the progress at national/provincial level, the present report is hybrid in nature. At the national level it evaluates the gains mademore


Pakistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2010

The Pakistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2010, produced by the Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan, gives an analysis of the present status and challenges towards achieving MDGs in Pakistan.The report covers the four years since 2006 in which numerous and far reaching developmentsmore


Punjab MDG Report 2011

Punjab is Pakistan's biggest province by population, accounting for 55.6 percent of the country total population according to the last census. The province has a substantial industrial and agrarian base, and the provincial government estimates that it contributes about 58 percent to Pakistan's GDP,more


Pakistan has adopted 16 targets and 41 indicators against which progress towards achieving the eight goals of the MDG’s is measured. Time series data available for 33 of these indicators reveal that Pakistan is on track to achieve the targets on 9 indicators, whereas its progress on 24 indicators is off track.