National Climate Change Policy

The National Climate Change Policy provides a framework for addressing the issues that Pakistan faces or will face in future due to the changing climate. In view of Pakistan’s high vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change, in particular extreme events, adaptation effort is the focusmore


Need Assessment for Refugees Affected Areas - Phase II

The refugee affected areas refers to rehabilitating areas where refugees had lived for a long time. The goal of the study was therefore to bring out the extent of impact on various services around the camp areas on local population. The second phase of need assessment of refugee affected areas wasmore


Outcome Evaluation The principles of environmentally sustainable development integrated into country policies, plans, programmes, projects and practices

UNDP First Country Cooperation Framework (CCF), 1998-2003 established poverty eradication as the over-arching objective for UNDP support in the period. In line with the CCF Framework, UNDP set out to address environmental challenges through the poverty and environment nexus at two levels: the localmore