A Treasure in My Backyard: Suleiman Markhor

This is a case study of a tribal community in Baluchistan that transformed from hunters to conservationist and are currently generating U$ 200,000 per year as a result of their conservation efforts. The lessons documented in this case study will help both conservation and development organizationsmore


Area Development Programme - Balochistan Phase I

The ADPB is implemented since January 1999 in 8 valleys of Balochistan with the innovative technique of involvement of communities in need identification, planning, design and implementation rather than the traditional top-down approach adopted by government departments. The funding agenciesmore


Balochistan MDG Report 2011

The Balochistan Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report 2011 is the first report that provides specific updates on the status of MDGs in the province. It provides a deep analysis of present status and challenges towards achieving the MDGs. A robust fact base and repository of data has beenmore

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