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Veneer enterprise brings prosperity to villagers

For the villagers of Ramechhap and Dolakha districts in central Nepal, production of Veneer is a new found successful enterprise. Veneer is the thin layer produced from logs of soft wood that is used for making plywood. The enterprise is run through a public private partnership approach by seven com more


Youths find a reason to stay back home….

The 250 members of Sri Krishna youth club in Mahottari district recently distributed fruit and fodder saplings to 300 households for starting a new enterprise. The households have planted mango, jackfruits and banana plants. Similarly, the New Garib Nawaj youth club of Mahdhaiya Tapanpur in Mahottar more


“My daughters will go to school…..”

Within the span of 14 years Masina Khatoon gave birth to 11 daughters – it was the couple’s desire to have a son. She is one of the many women from the rural communities of Nepal who give birth to many daughters hoping for a son to be born. Masina Khatoon finally ended the physical pain of going th more