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Bringing the World Closer: Micro Hydro Operated Cable TV Network

November 2005; It might sound quite astounding, but the community people of a remote village called Dudilabhati are finding themselves very close to the rest of the world through connection of their TVs with the cable network of the disc antenna. This has become possible due to the micro hydro syste more


CCD, a hub for knowledge network

February 2009; The Centre for Constitutional Dialogue (CCD) in three weeks time since its opening has already hosted approximately 650 visitors, most of them being the members of Constituent Assembly and civil society. Until now, 92 CA members have signed up for the computer training and 75 have sig more


Camomile cultivation for livelihoods promotion

August 2009; The Sundevi User committee, comprising of 49 members in Suklaphanata Wildlife Reserve, Jhalari village of Kanchanpur district has been cultivating Camomile (Matricaria chamomilla)' a herbal plant to extract oil. The herbs are being distilled into valuable essential oils under the superv more

Change in Mindsets

November 10, 2005; So-called Dalits (untouchables) of Chafamandu VDC-1 in Achham might not have expected to live through a day when they would cook and serve food to upper caste members of their society. But COPE teachers made this shift in the paradigm of social and cultural values. Balkalyan Prim more


Chyuri - a wish fulfilling tree !

September 2010; About 200 entrepreneurs have received training in making herbal soap out of Chyuri (Aesandra butyracea ) through the UNDP Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP) . Statistics show that there are more than 10 million Chyuri trees in 50 districts of Nepal. As a result of the tra more


Citizen charters play increasingly important role in partner municipalities

November 2005; The growth of urban area of Nepal over the recent years has brought about corresponding challenges in urban governance. As the crucial relationship between good governance and development become ever more apparent, there is an urgent need on part of the development agencies to focus m more

Civil society groups in Nepal endorse the Millennium Development Goals

Monday, 31 March 2003: Nepalese civil society organizations meeting in Kathmandu recently pledged to support efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to monitor both their own and the Government's activities in doing so. The national convention of the NGO Federation of Nepal, more


Combatant turns into an independent entrepreneur

September 2010; To date, more than 1,484 men and women, verified minors and late recruits, discharged from Maoist cantonments in February 2010 have opted for the ongoing voluntary rehabilitation packages offered by the United Nations Interagency Rehabilitation Programme (UNIRP). A good number of th more


Communities come together for livelihood

August 2010; Siwir Tole, ward number 8, Dhungekhola village in Sarlahi district is a very poor area where mostly the 1990 flood victims have settled down. UNDP's Livelihood Recovery for Peace (LRP) Project has formed women's groups at the community level in Sarlahi and Mahottari districts. Within f more


Community Mediation Centres become popular

Lila and her husband have reconciled after a decade of break-up, all thanks to the Community Mediation Centre in Tulsipur, Dang district. After being unable to tolerate her husband’s gambling and alcoholism, Lila started living separately since 1999. Her husband married again while the children’s re more