Project to Prepare the Public Administration for State Reforms (PREPARE)

What is the project about

PREPARE participates in a senior interaction event with the heads of various programs and departments, as well as government leaders and relevant stakeholders.
PREPARE participates in a senior interaction event with the heads of various programs and departments, as well as government leaders and relevant stakeholders.

The transformational changes to its government that Nepal has embarked upon are massive. Thus far however, the focus has been on the political aspects of this transition, with less attention being given to the implications of federalization on the organization of public administration. However, recent developments show a more direct engagement with the bureaucracy in the debate on the restructuring of the state. While the political negotiations are ongoing, the government of Nepal has created a series of committees to ensure that public administration institutions are ready for the transformational change from a unitary to a federal system. However, unrealistically high expectations among politicians and civil society on the speed of transition to a new administrative order, with new federal and provincial institutions, needs to be carefully managed. Similarly, institutional resistance and low levels of capability hinder the ability of the public service to move towards a federalized structure.

What do we aim to accomplish

To address some of these issues the project is aimed at preparing relevant government institutions for administrative reform in the context of the State Reform Process. UNDP will be adopting a two phased approach while implementing this project. The first phase will be a two year project to provide immediate, flexible and coordinated support during the immediate transition period and immediately after the adoption of the new constitution. This phase will also prepare the ground work for a smooth initiation of the second phase of reforms for which important resources will need to be made available. Once there is more clarity on the way forward, phase two will provide a long term and comprehensive umbrella programme to support ongoing capacity development of the new institutions. This will take place at the federal, provincial, and local levels.

UNDP’s future support to government will be based on the implementation programmes outlined in the roadmaps for the federalization of public administration. These will be prepared upon the promulgation of the new constitution.  Possible future support will be in the following areas:

1.      Support to the functional review process in analyzing the submissions of the different ministries and bodies of the government, including staffing and expenditure plans;

2.      The management of the remodeling of the civil service at the federal, provincial, and local levels;

3.      Capacity development support for the federalization of the public administration, including transitional measures and sequencing within a phased approach;

4.      Making public administration, specifically the civil service, more accountable, responsive and transparent through anti- corruption initiatives and;

Formulation of an integrated umbrella programme to support the development of reformed institutions at federal, provincial, and local level.

Who Finances it?

Donor Amount contributed
Total budget $4.9 million
Project Overview
Project duration:
March 2013 to Dec 2014
Geographic coverage:
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Implementing partners:
Ministry of General Administration (MoGA)
Collaborative Partners:
Public Service Commission (PSC)
UNDP focal point:
Ms. Bandana Risal
Sr. Programme Specialist
Governance Unit, UNDP
UN House
POB 107 Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Tel: 977-1-5523200 ext. 1019
Fax: 977-1-5523991
Project focal point:
Mr. Mukunda Panthi
National Project Director
Joint Secretary
Ministry of General Administration (MoGA)
Singha Durbar, Kathmandu
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