Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP)

What is the project about

Local Governance and Community Development Programme is a government's programme, supported jointly by six UN agencies to support decentralised, local governance and community development in Nepal.

Much progress was made in the 1990s on decentralising government to district and village levels to move away from the over-concentration of power in the capital city Kathmandu. The Local Self Governance Act, 1999 paved the way for planning and programme implmentation to be more accountable to local people and to put education, health and other services under greater local control. Since 1995, UNDP and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) have helped build the capacity of local bodies and communities for self-governance. This support continued through the armed conflict (1996-2006) and was crucial for keeping up the momentum for local governance reform in spite of the absence of elected local government from 2002 and the disruptions of the conflict.

The Local Governance Community Development Programme (LGCDP) began in 2008 as the first nationwide integrated support programme for local government in Nepal. It is going ahead under the government leadership across all Nepal's District Development Committees, Village Development Committees and Municipalities. Three-quarters of the funding comes from the government of Nepal whilst 12 development partners provide financial and technical support. The programme is successfully providing a single channel through which donors direct their support for local governance.

Objectives of the Project

  • LGCDP's objective is to reduce poverty by supporting inclusive , effective and accountable local governance and participatory community-led development through its five areas of work.
  • Empowering citizens and communities for their active engagment with local governments and for strengthening downward accountability.
  • Funding DDC, Municipality and VDC led local development.
  • Developing the capacity of local governments to effectively deliver services.
  • Providing policy support for decentralisation and local governance.
  • Promoting gender equality and social inclusion in local government affairs.

The UN Joint Programme of Support to LGCDP began in 2009 to provide technical and capacity building support to the Minsitry of Local Development to implement LGCDP. UNDP administers this joint programme. The programme is facilitating more coordinated UN inputs from the six UN agencies through joint work plans, reveiws and field visits and the production of a single procurement plan for providing technical advice and other inputs.

What have we accomplished so far

Support from UNDP and the UNCDF through the joint programe is making a large contribution to:

  • the demand side of local governance to give local people more influence on decision making;
  • the supply side of local government to improve service provision to local people; and
  • strengthening the management of public funds by local bodies.

Who Finances it?

Amount contributed
UNJP donors: $25.7m
UNV $0.5m
UNDP PEI $0.1m
Government of Nepal $575m
Asian Development Bank and 5 bilateral donors $161m
Total Budget $762 million

Delivery in previous fiscal year




Project Overview
Project duration:
April 2009 to July 2013
Geographic coverage:
Nationwide in Nepal's 75 district (DDC), 3,915 villages (VDCs), and 58 Municipal government bodies.
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Implemented by:
Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development
Implementing partners:
Local bodies (DDCs, municipalities, VDCs) community based organisations and NGOs
UNDP’s role:
Technical assistance and other capacity building support across the joint programme
UNDP focal point:
Rafeeque Siddiqui
Local Governance Officer
Governance Unit, UNDP
UN House, Pulchowk
Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel: 977-1- 552 3200
Fax: 977-1-552 3991
Email: registry.np@undp.org
Project focal point:
Bodh Raj Niroula
National Programme Director
Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD)
Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 00 977 1 4200282/4200333/4200334
Fax: 4200326
Email: niroulab@lgcdp.gov.np & nbodhraj@gmail.com
Website: http://www.lgcdp.gov.np
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