Democratic Governance

  • Developing Capacities for Effective Aid Management and Coordination

    The Developing Capacities for Effective Aid Management and Coordination project helps localise the Paris Principles to make official development assistance produce more results. It will assist the Government to implement the recommendations of the 2007 and 2010 surveys and help establish the mechanisms for involving all main stakeholders in more effectively managing aid.

  • Local Governance and Community Development Programme

    The Local Governance Community Development Programme (LGCDP) began in 2008 as the first nationwide integrated support programme for local government in Nepal. It is going ahead under the government leadership across all Nepal's District Development Committees, Village Development Committees and Municipalities.

  • The Electoral Support Project (ESP) Phase II: Institutional Strengthening and Professional Development Support for the Election Commission of Nepal

    In April 2008 Nepal held its first CA election since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2006 to elect a constituent assembly mandated to draft a new constitution. 2008 election were organized by the Election Commission of Nepal with significant assistance and technical support from the Electoral Assistance Office of the United Nations Mission in Nepal. Following these elections, UNDP initiated the three-year Electoral Support Project (ESP) Phase I that aimed at institutional strengthening and professional development of the Election Commission of Nepal. As the need increased to expand the role of ESP to providing technical advice and operational support for the upcoming cycle of elections, the project was revised and extended till 2016 to meet the current needs of the Election Commission of Nepal. This revision constitutes Phase II of the Electoral Support Project, signed in 29 November 2012.

  • Support to Participatory Constitution Building in Nepal

    Since April 2008, the Support to Participatory Constitution Building in Nepal project (SPCBN) has provided valuable support for inclusive and participatory constitution building.

  • Strengthening the Capacity of the National Human Rights Commiission

    From 2002, the multi-donor funded Capacity Development of the National Human Rights Commission project, supported the commission to fulfil its mandates for the protection, promotion and full respect of the human rights enshrined in the constitution, national leigslations and international human rights instruments that Nepal is party to.

Closed Projects

  • Enhancing Access to Justice through Legal and Judicial Reforms Project

    The A2J project supports the Government of Nepal to carry out a comprehensive programme to strengthen justice system in order to support the peace process in the country. The project aims strategically addressing three critical areas: 1) Transitional Justice; 2) Gender Justice; 3) Access to Justice at the local level.


UNDP in Nepal and its partners are moving towards strengthening the institutions and systems for running democratic elections, for facilitating the provision of justice, for safeguarding human rights, for central level planning and for managing the country’s large aid receipts.

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