Poverty Reduction


Datazone Level Namibian Index of Multiple Depreviation 2001 - Otjozondjupa Region

The aim of the exercise was to produce a profile of relative deprivation across Otjozondjupa region in order for the most deprived areas to be identified and clearly delineated. In this way, it would be possible for regional and constituency level policy and decision makers, as well developmentmore


Datazone level Namibian Index of Multiple Deprivation

In November 2009, the Khomas Regional Council requested UNDP to assist in designing an objective criterion or set of criteria, devoid of political and other considerations, which the Council could use in allocating development resources. Subsequent discussions led to an agreement that othermore


Namibia Economic Review

This economic review looks at the progress in Namibia thus far both in terms of economic growth and economic development. It opens with a brief overview of the Namibian economy and economic policy, followed by a brief analysis of economic developments over the elen years, and coclude with policymore


The major function of the Strategic Policy and Poverty Reduction Unit is the production and dissemination of strategic analytical studies; promotion of policy dialogue and advocacy; support for development of policies and programmes that promote economic growth and poverty reduction; and monitoring, evaluation and communication of progress towards the realization of stated national, programme and project objectives and results.