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Off-Grid Energisation Master Plan for Namibia

This project, Off-Grid Energisation Master Plan for Namibia (OGEMP), is one of several projects that have been initiated by the UNDP/GEF/MME Barrier Removal to Namibian Renewable Energy Programme (NAMREP). The underlying objective of the OGEMP is to provide access to appropriate energy technologiesmore


Places Faces Spaces

Namibia’s immense beauty and vast open spaces are increasingly under threat from unsustainable land use and climate change. Luckily, the country has recognised the challenges that population growth and global warming pose and has embarked on a unique integrated management of the environment by andmore


Namibia is the most arid country in sub-Saharan Africa. From the deep south to the far north, communities struggle with access to clean safe drinking water. In many villages women walk for kilometres carrying heavy buckets of water on their heads. After basic needs such as drinking, cooking and washing are met, little water is left to irrigate crops, or sustain livestock.


By introducing innovative ways of harvesting and saving water, UNDP Namibia has helped communities to make this scarce resource stretch further. Rainwater harvesting, the rehabilitation of traditional wells and dams and adopting of drip irrigation methods have changed the way dryland people and communities use water and has resulted in better yields and more income for communities.