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      • UNDP and UNICEF in Montenegro: Putting Innovation in the Center

        30 May 2014

        Blog post by Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative and Rastislav Vrbensky, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to Montenegro

        What does the future hold for Montenegro, with its trajectory from being influenced by conflict and sanctions in the 90s to becoming an upper middle income country on a rapid paced EU integration process in 2014? Delayed transition has unleashed many previously unknown opportunities and challenges without experienced institutions ready to address them. Undoubtedly, social cohesion and economic development in 21st century Montenegro will be increasingly dependent on innovation. UNDP and UNICEF in Montenegro have jointly committed to harness the spirit of innovation to support government and civil society in driving through reforms for development and human rights. But “the spirit of innovation” cannot be developed through a matrix or an online UN learning programme. Rather it requires a shift in mindset, and indeed values and modelling leadership that embraces what global innovation experts identify as the key pre-requisites for innovation: collaboration across sectors and change in organizational cultures, empowering staff and rewarding proactive approach, open sourcing, curiosity and creativity, grit and willingness and ability to fail and be wrong. It also requires a shift from a culture of carefully planned risk-averse projects to agile and adaptable trial and error interventions and learning while doing. For us, innovation in Montenegro is  Read More

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