Strengthening the Government Capacity of National Development Policy and Planning


The project aims at providing support to the Government of Mongolia to improve its economic policy formulation, strategic planning and monitoring both at the national and local level and guide the preparation of various planning documents to ensure better coordination and harmonization of long-medium and short-term planning in the country. The intended outcome of the project builds Government capacities to meet their objectives by putting in place a stable and robust national development policy and planning framework and promoting fiscal decentralization that will help improving service delivery and effectively manage mining revenue.

The project has two main outputs: 

  1. Government capacity in development policy and planning strengthened;
  2. Policy analysis and advocacy for evidence-based policy making supported.

What are the project’s goals?

  • Capacity for development planning strengthened at national and local levels
  • Capacity for formulating and implementing investment plans strengthened at national and local levels
  • Capacity for monitoring plan implementation enhanced through an improved monitoring framework and tools
  • One National Human Development Report produced and widely disseminated
  • MDG Progress Reports prepared and contribution of MDGs reviewed and assessed
  • Evidence-based research, analysis and policy dialogues support national and local planning and promote human development

What have we accomplished so far

Database for the development of Public Investment Plans (PIP) strengthened

Baseline data collection from all aimags and soums for public investment planning in order to adopt an electronic network system for national public investment planning and establish integrated database.

Who finances it?

Year                 Donor Amount contributed
2013 TRAC and UNDP PEI USD$ 728,746
Project start date:
1 March 2013
Project end date:
1 March 2016
Geographic coverage:
Focus area:
Poverty Reduction and Achievement of MDGs
MDGs achievement, promotion of HD and poverty reduction by inclusive and equitable economic development , contributing towards poverty alleviation
Implementing partners:
Line Ministries, Local government and academia
Budget :
USD$ 2,723.000
UNDP Mongolia focal point:
Ms. Doljinsuren Jambal, Team leader
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