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  • 24 Sep 2013
    Third National Report on Millennium Development Goals in Moldova: from a patriarchal society to a modern one – the gender-based gap in opportunities

    „The Republic of Moldova has not made yet significant progress in promoting gender equality and women empowerment”, the Third National Report on the Millennium Development Goals notes. It also mentions that this lack of progress has had major implications for the achievement of MDGs. The authors of the Report believe that „opportunities for women’s political empowerment (through affirmative actions and training) and economic empowerment (through entrepreneurship programs and training)” should be the main priorities in this area.

  • 24 Sep 2013
    Post-2015 Development Agenda: Final report on consultations in the Republic of Moldova: a verification of reality, a vision for future

    The report summarizes the results of the consultations about the future people of Moldova want after 2015, when the Millennium Development Goals expire, presenting the real picture of the current concerns and future aspirations of the country.

  • 23 Sep 2013
    The development story behind the MDGs: Seeing the forest beyond the trees

    Of course we need to closely follow the progress of each Millennium Development Goal (MDG), but have you ever thought: What is the development story behind the MDGs in various national contexts?

  • 20 Sep 2013
    The MDGs countdown – what the case of Moldova tells us?

    With the MDG countdown clock inexorably ticking, many countries are taking stock of the achievements and failures, and on this basis are designing plans to ensure that progress is sustained and the bottlenecks are overcome in the final stretch. However, such stock-taking can provide value-added well beyond simply addressing “sector” issues: it can reveal cross-cutting challenges and thus provide a narrative to better understand countries’ development. Moldova’s development story as told by the MDGs is a conclusive example.

  • 20 Sep 2013
    An assistance service for vulnerable families was developed in the Transnistrian region

    Over 200 single parent families from the Transnistrian region have already benefited from free psycho-social, legal and medical assistance due to a partnership between two non-governmental organizations from both banks of the Nistru River. This partnership has become possible as a result of the assistance provided within the EU-UNDP "Support to Confidence Building Measures" Programme.

  • 16 Sep 2013
    International Democracy Day: Speech by UN Resident Coordinator Nicola Harrington-Buhay at Moldova State University

    At the time the United Nations was established, many parts of the world were not even independent, much less democratic. Still, the UN Charter assumed that governing by the will of the people was the only way to secure the three interlinked goals of the United Nations: peace, human rights, and development for everyone. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights went on to identify the right of all people to take part in the government of their country as a universal human right.

  • 04 Sep 2013
    Youth from both banks of Nistru turn collected waste into works of art

    More than 60 pupils, teachers, local authorities from both banks of the Nistru River joined their efforts to clean up the waste from an area along the Nistru River in a unique way, turning the trash piles into unusual toys and artworks. Thus, the organizers of the action, “Vitality” from Tiraspol and “Renasterea rurala” from Tohatin associations with the assistance of the EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme, tried to draw the attention of people living on both sides of the Nistru to the precarious environmental situation of the river shores and call for more active actions to protect the environment.

  • 03 Sep 2013
    First professional foster family service launched in the Transnistrian region

    A suitable family for every child who has been deprived of parental care. This was the aim set by the nongovernmental organizations “Detstvo Detyam” from Tiraspol and „Partnerships for Every Child” from Chisinau with the help of the "Support to Confidence Building Measures" Programme (SCBM) by implementing for the first time a professional foster family's service in the Transnistrian region.

  • 16 Aug 2013
    Chess unites people from both banks of the Nistru River

    For the first time in Moldova, 20 schools from both banks of Nistru will have qualified teachers, teaching materials and the items required to study chess, starting with this autumn. This has become possible due to a project implemented with the assistance of the EU-UNDP Program “Support to Confidence Building Measures”. Today, teachers who attended the first qualification training courses in the field of chess held public chess classes that everybody could attend in the center of Chisinau.

  • 13 Aug 2013
    Launch of business school in Ribnita offers new opportunities to entrepreneurs from the left bank of the Nistru River

    The Ribnita Business School, created with the assistance of the EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme, will offer beginner entrepreneur, managers of small and medium enterprises and local public authorities from the left bank of the Nistru River training courses in the field of business start-up and development, as well as support for the implementation of the most innovative and feasible business ideas.

  • 24 Jul 2013
    UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova discusses follow up to Hammarberg report on human rights in the Transnistrian region

    Nicola Harrington-Buhay had a meeting with Nina Shtanski, during which they discussed the assistance provided by UNDP and other UN agencies to the Transnistrian region.

  • 16 Jul 2013
    EU and UN officials in Moldova distributed first aid leaflet in the streets of Chisinau

    Dressed in reflective vests, Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UN Resident Coordinator, and Wicher Slagter, Head of Political and Economic Section of the EU Delegation to Moldova, accompanied by representatives of the emergency services and Automobile Club of Moldova, distributed today first aid leaflets to drivers at the crossroads of Dacia and Decebal boulevards, where most fatal traffic accidents happen in Chisinau.

  • 12 Jul 2013
    First National Park to contribute to local communities’ development and biodiversity protection in Orhei area

    Parliament voted today the Law on creation of the Orhei National Park. First of this kind in Moldova, Orhei National Park covers 33,800 hectares and includes 18 communes in four districts - Orhei, Straseni, Calarasi and Criuleni.

  • 05 Jul 2013
    First inter-municipal agreement to provide sanitation services in six villages of Telenesti and Sangerei districts

    Seven mayors from Teleneşti and Sangerei changed, for one day, the mayor suit for a sanitation worker vest. The mayors of villages Inesti, Banesti, Verejeni, Mandresti and Ratus from the district of Teleneşti and the mayor of Prepelita village in Sangerei, together with the mayor of the city of Telenesti, signed an inter-municipal cooperation agreement that will allow the participating localities to jointly collect and dispose of their domestic waste.

  • 04 Jul 2013
    Children learn at summer camp Energel how to produce renewable energy and use it efficiently

    120 children from 13 districts learn how to produce renewable energy and use it efficiently at Summer Camp ENERGEL organised in Ivancea Village, Orhei district. For ten days (1-10 July), they will be involved in many interactive and practical activities.

  • 02 Jul 2013
    Online mass-media from the left side of the River Nistru becomes more active

    For the first time, 11 schools from the Transnistrian region created their own blogs, where pupils can practice their journalistic skills and share their achievements. For one year, 70 pupils from the region were trained to create blogs for their schools. At the end of the training course, young bloggers gathered together at a summer school organized with the assistance of the EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme to share their experience.

  • 02 Jul 2013
    In Rezina, people to benefit from better healthcare

    As of today, the rayon hospital from Rezina has a new General Surgery Unit. The European Union and the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the local public administration provided over 115,000 Euro for its renovation.

  • 18 Jun 2013
    Micro financing initiatives may bring new jobs in the Transnistrian region

    The market survey of the microfinancing sector in the Transnistrian region, presented today within a round table organized by the UNDP-EU “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme, provides an analysis of the financial sector in the Transnistrian region.

  • 05 Jun 2013
    First Career Development Centre opened in Chisinau

    Unemployed people, Moldovan migrants who returned home and graduates of various educational institutions will get now training and assistance in finding a job in Moldova. The first out of four career development centers was opened today in Chisinau.

  • 31 May 2013
    Civil society, legal experts and human rights lawyers team up to improve access to legal services

    Civil society organizations, legal experts and human rights lawyers learned how to use the law in protecting, upholding and fulfilling their rights, improve legal literacy, and access to legal services by increasing awareness of HIV-related laws, policies and regulations.